Makeup Policy

At American Gymnastics Club we have a student teacher ratio of 8; 1 or smaller.  We think that it is important that classes are small and as consistent as possible. This way the coaches can give each student an appropriate amount of individual attention and keep track of their weekly progress.  Having said this we do understand that sometimes there are circumstances that cause you to miss your scheduled class. This is why we allow preschool and recreational students to do;

1 make up class per month.

Make up classes must be scheduled after the class is missed and within four weeks of your absense.

Make ups are not allowed for holidays that we are open or when we are closed because there are too many students to accomodate.

To keep from overcrowding classes we prefer classes to be made up in our Saturday “Make Up Class” which can be found on under the “Registration/Schedules” tab. This way regular classes are not interupted.

If you are already enrolled in a Saturday class we will make an exception and allow you to make up during the week in a class that is not full.  If you are not enrolled in a Saturday class and it is extremely difficult for you to make up on Saturdays we sometimes make exceptions and allow you to do a make up during the week.  To do this please call in that day and we will check the class for availability.

We try to accommodate everyone with their first choice but as classes fill up this can be difficult for us.  Please keep in mind that we always hold your spot in your scheduled class regardless of whether or not you come.  So if you know that you will miss more than 1 class maybe it would be better to select a different day or time.  Additionally, make ups are offered as a courtesy so please try to reserve your make up class for an unexpected illness or an important schedule conflict.